Given the decision in <
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Given the decision in;cid=C0D7TNJHL to not spend more time on Code gen for JVM in 2.11, fyi our blockers for stabilization: • documentation ◦ buf ◦ go protobuf ◦ pex lockfiles • finish release blog (almost done!) • pex blog • multiple resolves ux (error messages)
@hundreds-father-404 and i talked about this a bit more, and we think that we should probably timebox 2.11.0 to sometime next week (subject to discussion, and obviously discovery of any blocker bugs) (discussion in thread…)
i think that aiming to do a final release Wednesday night / Thursday morning might make sense from a “time left to deal with pre/post launch surprises” perspective
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I will do a release today after 2 cherry-picks - I want to get out the pex lock file performance fix
@happy-kitchen-89482 if you have an extra cycle, it may help to do It would be good to fix in 2.10 and 2.11 Stu and I discussed that I personally focus for now on the documentation because it blocks the release, whereas this bug fix + multiple resolves UX are only "good to have"
Funny, I was going to tackle that as a side project on the flight
Great minds think alike
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