I haven’t investigated if this has been done alrea...
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I haven’t investigated if this has been done already. But I remember struggling to find appropriate search results when I had issues with pants in the past. (and then I found this slack group and it solved all my issues). I just read this hacker news post: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31168882 Supposedly, there’s a way to make all slack posts searchable on google/duckduckgo, I think that would greatly increase user satisfaction. Cheers!
We've discussed moving some discussion into GitHub discussions (which also has locality) I know the more senior folks care a lot about SEO (especially since search engines can reduce the support burden) Linen seems interesting 🤔
Someone points out in the comments it might violate the free slack Toss though. Something to keep an eye on 👀
I'm one of the people who'd love to see the community chat become indexable. Will keep an eye on Linen. Thank you!