<@U051221NF>: so, one way to more holistically add...
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@happy-kitchen-89482: so, one way to more holistically address https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/15336 might be to merge
, using exactly the same (non-recursive by default) syntax as globs in general. i.e., it would default to
['**/BUILD', **/BUILD.*']
, and you could include inline negation there. that would mean one codepath, and one explanation of globs.
it wouldn’t affect the ability to negate out something that had already been excluded though.
… so. maybe unrelated.
seems like a good simplification in general
with us already having an option for tailor's build file name, that brings us to 3 total related to build file names
nit that I recommend
👍 2
yea. just not sure of the priority i suppose. it unifies the explanation, but it also feels deck-chair-shuffley
i’ll get a patch out for the help cleanup, and if there is appetite for a merge we can land that instead.
but it also feels deck-chair-shuffley
For sure, but maybe worth it given how many future releases we'll have. Imo this relates to onboarding: you set this up during onboarding process, usually. Even little wins like 2 coupled options -> 1 matter. Shorter docs etc
low priority, but a good idea, yes
and I think not supporting functionality that gitignore itself doesn't is fine
(…we’ll want to cherry-pick this, even if we do merge those options.)