06/04/2022, 8:24 PM
I’m sure there was a command to run to clean up my rust crates, or something like that, but I’ve forgot and misplaced the information. Help.. ? 😉
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* Checking Rust target headers
    Updating <|> index
     Ignored package `cargo-ensure-prefix v0.1.7` is already installed, use --force to override
error: could not find `=0.1.7` in registry `crates-io` with version `*`
     Summary Successfully installed cargo-ensure-prefix! Failed to install =0.1.7 (see error(s) above).
error: some crates failed to install
* Typechecking
besides the error messages are confusing, as it states there’s an issue, then that it successfully installed it, then again that it failed to install it.. 🤷