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# development
@witty-crayon-22786 @happy-kitchen-89482 @ancient-vegetable-10556 rewrite of the docs proposal. Now proposing Sphinx as some possible future followup. For now, it's only saving Readme.com in-repo
And it looks like Readme's new markdown editor has gotten nicer. I'm less terrified about how awkward this will be do to do
I can get started on this now if we have consensus? Seems like a fairly small project thanks to
Open question if we want to backport this change to 2.11 and 2.12. Given that I tbh haven't finished the 2.11 docs audit, I would like to backport. I'd like to copy the docs exactly as is, then finish the audit with code review from y'all.
Can you attach a PoC branch of what the filetree would look like? Is that easy?
I still have to design what file organization makes sense -- but we have total control over it Given that in-repo Readme.com cannot leverage the DRY benefits—where one docs snippet is used on multiple pages—I was thinking we use a very simplistic layout. \> chapter, e.g. Python -- > top-level page/folder -- > subpage
thanks: this sounds great. will take a look this afternoon.
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looks great, thanks! my largest comment is just that i still think it would be good to write up a blurb of convention to help contributors/maintainers known when to encourage one another to make edits. or perhaps that is the first reviewed doc edit =P
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Looks great! I commented with some issues that we'll need to address at some point, if not necessarily now.