has anyone enabled remote caching ? I’m trying to ...
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has anyone enabled remote caching ? I’m trying to configure pants over CI and getting:
Failed to write to remote cache (1 occurrences so far): Unimplemented: "Method not found!"
the documentation is very limited in that area.
Hello! Yes, several folks are using remote caching. Related: my employer Toolchain offers a remote caching service too that several teams use How are you trying to set it up?
1. deployed buildgrid over k8s 2. configured pants.toml:
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remote_cache_read = true
remote_cache_write = true
remote_store_address = "<grpc://bgd-cache.buildgrid.svc.cluster.local:50053>"
remote_instance_name = "buildgrid"
(we are using pants to build scala). the error is coming from here, but the reason is not clear.
rg 'Method not found'
comes back empty for me, so I think that error is coming from the server
There's a BuildTeam slack dedicated to the Remote Execution API - want me to invite your email? They might be better able to help
sure, thank you 🙂