All members of Pants Team, both maintainers and co...
# development
All members of Pants Team, both maintainers and contributors, are invited to join us for Pants Team Meetup this Monday July 18th at 9:00am Pacific / 17:00 BST. We look forward to seeing you! Agenda: • welcome to new maintainer @witty-family-13337 (@busy-vase-39202) • bug smash planning (@bitter-ability-32190) • in-repo docs (@ancient-vegetable-10556) • new tool illustrating dep inference and introspection (@hundreds-father-404) • open Q&A: adding
to Java support (@fast-nail-55400 & @bitter-ability-32190) • [Your topic here! Ping @busy-vase-39202 to get added to the agenda]
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--debug-adapter 😉
Thanks! Fixing in the meetings notes' agenda.
I'll be a smidge late. Putting kids down and getting more coffee
Okey doke. Thanks!
I feel I missed something at the end here.. introducing API stability … was I meant to know things about that? 😛
No, that was my mixup. Someone else had DMd me to request that topic for the next agenda, and I mis-remembered who that was. This is my fault for skipping tea beforehand.
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