From the CLI, we have scoped and unscoped argument...
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From the CLI, we have scoped and unscoped arguments for each of the Pants goals... Is there a reason why we have both? The top-level help shows the scoped one, but the examples use the unscoped versions - so I don't think I understand why we have both.
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% ./pants help fmt  

`fmt` goal options

Autoformat source code.
Activated by pants.core
Config section: [fmt]
  --fmt-only="['<str>', '<str>', ...]"
      default: []
      current value: []
      Only run these formatters and skip all others.
      The formatter names are outputted at the final summary of running this goal, e.g. `isort` and `shfmt`. You can also run `fmt --only=fake` to get a list of all activated formatters.
      You can repeat this option, e.g. `fmt --only=isort --only=shfmt` or `fmt --only=['isort', 'shfmt']`.
In general I like to think in scoped options. But occasionally I'm writing wrapper scripts and it's nice that I can compose them willy-nilly and not worry so much about positioning. No comment on the history though, just my observation
So, it's more about positioning than anything else?
In my worldview, I'd say so. Others likely have other worldviews
Fair enough, just thought they would have been placed under the global options in that case - but I would also understand how hard that would get to read
By unscoped you mean the shorthand of
./pants goal --foo ::
instead of
./pants --goal-foo goal ::
Yes, I think in the
it's marked as
This is for the CLI tab completion PR I'm pushing this evening. I was thinking to maybe show the scoped args in the global options, but that gets a bit messy, while the unscoped args are immediately after the goal
I think for developers typing commands, thinking scoped args is best. The only oddity is specs-options like the
+1 for scoped, as I think that will be easier and more robust to implement tab completion for where you don't have to consider which goal it would apply to as unscoped otherwise.
I could also show both, but that definitely starts to look whacky. FWIW, I've always used scoped, because I didn't even realize unscoped was a thing
I knew about unscoped, but I keep forgetting. So every time I look in the docs or help it shows the scoped version so I use that.
Yeah, probably scoped is best to start with because scoped flags work everywhere on the cmd line. Unscoped shorthand can be a power user thing.
I'll sanity test a few options - once the infra is there, it'll be pretty easy to change
WIP PR: It may be a macos thing, or maybe a Bash 3 thing - but I can't do some of the neat var substitution that I wanted to, which would make the generated completion file about half the size, but 🤷
If it helps, the Pants v1 version of shell autocompletion would parse out the goal, and try to autocomplete the goal-specific options.
so there is a prior example of some “fun” bash code to accomplish that
parse out the goal, and try to autocomplete the goal-specific options
That's what this version can do. My test that seems to work well is goal options, and putting scoped ones in the global namespace (working on this part) - best of both worlds, more or less. Also gets a bit weird, because after each goal, I think you can validly put global options in there, but they're not auto-completed
Yeah I think making the assumption that global args come after pants but before a goal is ok IMO
I'd hope so, pulls in a half-reasonable auto-complete convention, and nothing breaks, so. 🤷
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% pants --
zsh: do you wish to see all 220 possibilities (37 lines)?
💪 1
Didn't realize pants was so baggy
😂 1
A lot of subsystems yo
Nope - subsystems aren't included, other than "changed" - just a ton of configurability
220 seems high then. We don't have 220 global options.
Global options + scoped goal options, so we don't lose those
Shouldn't it be the other way?
Should be Global + Subsystem, but not scoped goal options
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% pants --
--auth-acquire-description                     --filter-address-regex                         --no-dependencies-transitive                   --no-update-build-files-check                  --publish-output                               --spec-files
--auth-acquire-headless                        --filter-granularity                           --no-dynamic-ui                                --no-update-build-files-fix-safe-deprecations  --py-constraints-output-file                   --stats-record-option-scopes
--auth-acquire-local-port                      --filter-output-file                           --no-experimental-bsp-server                   --no-update-build-files-fmt                    --py-constraints-summary                       --streaming-workunits-complete-async
--auth-acquire-output                          --filter-sep                                   --no-filedeps-absolute                         --no-verify-config                             --pythonpath                                   --streaming-workunits-level
--auth-acquire-test-page                       --filter-tag-regex                             --no-filedeps-globs                            --no-watch-filesystem                          --remote-auth-plugin                           --streaming-workunits-report-interval
--backend-packages                             --filter-target-type                           --no-filedeps-transitive                       --pants-bin-name                               --remote-ca-certs-path                         --subproject-roots
--build-file-prelude-globs                     --fmt-batch-size                               --no-lint-skip-formatters                      --pants-config-files                           --remote-cache-eager-fetch                     --tag
--build-ignore                                 --fmt-only                                     --no-list-documented                           --pants-distdir                                --remote-cache-read                            --tailor-alias-mapping
--build-patterns                               --generate-lockfiles-custom-command            --no-local-cache                               --pants-ignore                                 --remote-cache-read-timeout-millis             --tailor-build-file-header
--ca-certs-path                                --generate-lockfiles-resolve                   --no-log-show-rust-3rdparty                    --pants-ignore-use-gitignore                   --remote-cache-rpc-concurrency                 --tailor-build-file-indent
--changed-dependees                            --ignore-warnings                              --no-loop                                      --pants-physical-workdir-base                  --remote-cache-warnings                        --tailor-build-file-name
--changed-diffspec                             --level                                        --no-pants-ignore-use-gitignore                --pants-subprocessdir                          --remote-cache-write                           --tailor-check
--changed-since                                --lint-batch-size                              --no-pantsd                                    --pants-version                                --remote-execution                             --tailor-ignore-adding-targets
--check-only                                   --lint-only                                    --no-pantsrc                                   --pants-workdir                                --remote-execution-address                     --tailor-ignore-paths
--colors                                       --lint-skip-formatters                         --no-peek-exclude-defaults                     --pantsd                                       --remote-execution-extra-platform-properties   --test-debug
--concurrent                                   --list-documented                              --no-plugins-force-resolve                     --pantsd-invalidation-globs                    --remote-execution-headers                     --test-debug-adapter
--dependees-closed                             --list-output-file                             --no-print-stacktrace                          --pantsd-max-memory-usage                      --remote-execution-overall-deadline-secs       --test-extra-env-vars
--dependees-output-file                        --list-sep                                     --no-process-cleanup                           --pantsd-pailgun-port                          --remote-execution-rpc-concurrency             --test-force
--dependees-sep                                --local-cache                                  --no-process-execution-local-enable-nailgun    --pantsd-timeout-when-multiple-invocations     --remote-instance-name                         --test-open-coverage
--dependees-transitive                         --local-execution-root-dir                     --no-py-constraints-summary                    --pantsrc                                      --remote-oauth-bearer-token-path               --test-output
--dependencies-closed                          --local-store-dir                              --no-remote-cache-eager-fetch                  --pantsrc-files                                --remote-store-address                         --test-report
--dependencies-output-file                     --local-store-directories-max-size-bytes       --no-remote-cache-read                         --paths-from                                   --remote-store-batch-api-size-limit            --test-report-dir
--dependencies-sep                             --local-store-files-max-size-bytes             --no-remote-cache-write                        --paths-output-file                            --remote-store-chunk-bytes                     --test-shard
--dependencies-transitive                      --local-store-processes-max-size-bytes         --no-remote-execution                          --paths-to                                     --remote-store-chunk-upload-timeout-seconds    --test-timeout-default
--dynamic-ui                                   --local-store-shard-count                      --no-repl-restartable                          --peek-exclude-defaults                        --remote-store-headers                         --test-timeout-maximum
--dynamic-ui-renderer                          --log-levels-by-target                         --no-run-cleanup                               --peek-output-file                             --remote-store-rpc-concurrency                 --test-timeouts
--engine-visualize-to                          --log-show-rust-3rdparty                       --no-run-debug-adapter                         --plugins                                      --remote-store-rpc-retries                     --test-use-coverage
--experimental-bsp-groups-config-files         --logdir                                       --no-show-log-target                           --plugins-force-resolve                        --repl-restartable                             --unmatched-build-file-globs
--experimental-bsp-runner-env-vars             --loop                                         --no-streaming-workunits-complete-async        --print-stacktrace                             --repl-shell                                   --unmatched-cli-globs
--experimental-bsp-server                      --loop-max                                     --no-tailor-check                              --process-cleanup                              --roots-output-file                            --update-build-files-check
--experimental-explorer-address                --named-caches-dir                             --no-test-debug                                --process-execution-cache-namespace            --roots-sep                                    --update-build-files-fix-safe-deprecations
--experimental-explorer-port                   --no-auth-acquire-headless                     --no-test-debug-adapter                        --process-execution-graceful-shutdown-timeout  --rule-threads-core                            --update-build-files-fmt
--filedeps-absolute                            --no-colors                                    --no-test-force                                --process-execution-local-enable-nailgun       --rule-threads-max                             --update-build-files-formatter
--filedeps-globs                               --no-concurrent                                --no-test-open-coverage                        --process-execution-local-parallelism          --run-args                                     --verify-config
--filedeps-output-file                         --no-dependees-closed                          --no-test-report                               --process-execution-remote-parallelism         --run-cleanup                                  --watch-filesystem
--filedeps-sep                                 --no-dependees-transitive                      --no-test-timeouts                             --process-per-child-memory-usage               --run-debug-adapter                            
--filedeps-transitive                          --no-dependencies-closed                       --no-test-use-coverage                         --process-total-child-memory-usage             --show-log-target
Since those will likely be provided after the goal
Ahh also
yeah OK 😛
So really if you switch it to global + subsystem, this will likely exceed 220 😂
After the goal, we have unscoped options - since location matters, scoped options are basically location irrelevant. e.g.
./pants --changed-since=origin/main --lint-skip-formatters=... fmt --only=...
Right, that command doesn't make much sense 😉
Yeah, just auto-completing some randomness
In lieu of something like
./pants fmt --fmt-only
Right. I'm saying we likely shouldn't auto-complete scoped options.... anywhere. Only ever scoped options, and only after the relevant goal
Also, we should support subsystem options
I'm saying we likely shouldn't auto-complete scoped options.... anywhere. Only ever scoped options, and only after the relevant goal
Should one of these say unscoped? e.g. "scoped_cmd_line_args": ["--fmt-only"], "unscoped_cmd_line_args": ["--only"],
we should support subsystem options
Such as?
for 1: I'm saying we shouldn't ever suggest
, just
fmt --only
for 2, IDK,
There are some comments above that the preference appears to be only scoped because they work everywhere. In any case, I have no strong opinion on any of this. I'll upload what I have, and moving options around is pretty trivial
For anyone who wants to mess around, here are the WIP completions. Can source the file and try it out
@bitter-ability-32190 With subsystems included on the pants main repo 🙂
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% ./pants -
zsh: do you wish to see all 627 possibilities (157 lines)?
It's the worst case, I know - but man is that funny to see
Actually, even in one of my play repos, I'm still at 485 options, mostly from all the fmt/lint/check plugins in python
Yeah, that's more like it
I'm ready for 1k 😂

😂 2