# development


07/22/2022, 10:15 PM
hey folks: i’d like to land a change that re-enables “lazy fetch” from the remote cache: … in cases where the relevant issue reproduces, a test run might hang in a loop rather than completing. but that appears to be the easiest way to get a repro, unfortunately.
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if folks are ok with landing it, then if anyone experiences the issue, they should feel free to submit a change to enable remote_cache_eager_fetch again
fyi: this is set to auto-merge. if you encounter a case where the end of a test run looks hung (it’s rendering test status repeatedly, but not actually finishing), then please comment a link on #16096 and then feel free to set
remote_cache_eager_fetch = true
reminder to please be on the lookout for the ends of test runs hanging (rendering the test summary repeatedly): please report back on the issue, and then feel free to enable
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