Does anyone recall why we don't use GitHub Actions...
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Does anyone recall why we don't use GitHub Actions' matrix strategy to build wheels for the different pythons orthogonally? Instead our jobs have a "primary Python" and then jump through hoops to expose the other Pythons on the path, and then build wheels for each python sequentially. We do invoke the matrix strategy, but we only pass it the "primary Python" as a singleton...
Generally our CI scripts are pretty idiosyncratic and not as composable as we would like.
Probably the CentoOS container? Looks like we use a manylinux image now, but is that a matrix road-bump? Linux uses a container, mac does not?
Probably because they were ported very very incrementally from Travis CI, and our generate script from bash to Python
We do use the matrix for the daily extended testing job (that fails and no one looks at, but that's another issue...) so it probably could work
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OK, just checking that there's no gotcha here, if I decide to clean it up
it would be great if everything truly was a matrix - select OS version and python version and what you want to do on that platform (run tests, build wheels, etc) and the right config pops out 🙂
That said, since we're generating the config anyway, we probably don't need the matrix stuff at all
We make our own matrix
insert The Matrix meme here
Shifting the matrix responsibility onto GitHub does mean less hoops on our end, simpler CI config, and easier contributions 🙂 I try not to touch CI much because I'm afraid 😛