:mega: Reminder: Pants Team Meetup is coming up t...
# development
📣 Reminder: Pants Team Meetup is coming up this Monday. All members of Pants team, maintainers and contributors alike, are invited to the join us on the 3rd Monday of every month at 9am Pacific / 16:00 UTC. The next meeting is this Monday, August 15th.
August agenda includes: • Experience report from @hundreds-father-404 & @bitter-ability-32190 on what it's like to discuss Pants on a podcast • @flat-zoo-31952 leading a discussion on rethinking the deprecation policy: making better guarantees on the public API • @proud-dentist-22844's overview of how he used a proof-of-concept repo to successfully make a case for StackStorm adopting Pants, and how Pants' incremental adoption features arose from that process • @happy-kitchen-89482 demoing Toolchain's remote caching and analytics SaaS for Pants, plus a new Pants-based tool for visually graphing public repos' deps • @bitter-ability-32190 on next steps for organizing the bug smash event