it looks like Readme documentation is having a har...
# development
it looks like Readme documentation is having a hard time figuring out what are the next/previous pages. E.g. suggests
as the next page and so does every page that is not under expandable section in the
Using Pants
group. I only see this behavior here likely because we have pages that go after an expandable section. In all other groups, the expandable sections are not mixed with standalone pages. I looked briefly in the docs sources but this may be a Readme configuration?
Yet another reason to switch off
To sphinx
I’ve contacted readme support about this
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They replied that it’s a known issue, they’re working on a fix, and will let me know when they have news. Thanks for reporting Alexey!
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Readme have told me that this is fixed, and it does appear to be so. Please confirm!
yes, indeed, thanks @happy-kitchen-89482! It now works as expected