Would it be valid it add (assuming <@U02TSJJT9DJ> ...
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Would it be valid it add (assuming @wide-midnight-78598 approves) C/C++ to the language support page with some kind of notation about it being early stage work in progress, feedback welcome, click here for more info?
No rush if it's not ready for even that much public mention. It just struck me that questions like this could be preliminarily answered on the website, rather than leaving the impression that C/C++ support is not under consideration.
I think at least adding it to the languages page would be good. You could say that it's "under exploration" or something.
What's our bikeshed for the
meaning 'suuuuuper early"
As mentioned in the other thread(s) - I'm currently working on adding basic Catch (and/or Gtest) support before the PR is ready for review. So, it will basically be first-party code support that's been tested on a bunch of my repos with a lot of sub-libs. Lots of work before it's anything I'd even want to promote to `experimental`/`muslin` /`othermagicword`
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"Exploratory" sounds apt wrt the C/C++ support, if you're comfortable having something be said. If not, we can put that on hold.
So, amusingly, this would ACTUALLY be a good use case for
- implying super early development stages. But sure, I don't mind something being mentioned on the site. I mean, the PR is public and semi-up-to-date
Alternatively, for upcoming support, we could go the approach of detailing major milestones and referencing those in the docs
Aside: I think Kotlin/Jetbrains really nails stability levels, both in description and the end result https://kotlinlang.org/docs/components-stability.html
Nice. Though how they apply it to whole repos is confusing to me. Would pantsbuild/pants be badged
under that scenario?
Each of those listed are plugins, language features, or languages - so for us, probably backends?