For bug reports, is there a Pants command/goal/met...
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For bug reports, is there a Pants command/goal/meta-something that can emit the system debugging information we'd want to post? • Pants version (
./pants --version
) • Host OS • Python version used to run pants • Python version used inside pants I mean, I end up doing something like
./pants repl
to get:
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Python 3.8.13 (default, Aug 11 2022, 15:39:47) 
[Clang 13.1.6 (clang-1316.] on darwin
or I'll turn on
- but is there a goal or tool that emits some system internals? I'd like to easily debug some client machines, but they all run different things
Active backends I guess is nice, as is some minimal config, but that's typically in the
- so easy enough to get
This will go one step crazier once we have Docker builds, as then I'll need to keep track and debug of who is using what host OS, and then a guest OS too possibly
Oooh, in fact, a lot of it is probably covered in