Is the `ExtractedArchive` directory-name stable? A...
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Is the
directory-name stable? As in, will the resulting uncompressed data be nested in a folder? Or is that strictly dependant on how it was compressed in the first place?
If you understand archives+`tar` then looking at the code should tell you. Otherwise, playing around in a kept sandbox should tell you.
So, the problem was that I thought I found a case where different archive types behaved differently, which is why I was a bit confused. I need to dig in more before I'm sure though. However, I don't know if it was a situation where the number of files in the archive was 1 vs not 1, or whether we used gz/tar/zip. I was about 40 sandboxes deep yesterday while debugging something else
I -think- the expectation is that a sub-directory is created, archive uncompressed into that sub-dir, then that sub-dir is stripped out of the digest