My recent attempt to address the missing link betw...
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My recent attempt to address the missing link between the python
file and its lockfile to offer Pants the ability to declare the dependency from a target to the lockfile used failed for various reasons. 🧡
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Closed PR: In order to address this, I started looking at how Pants could create synthesized targets (i.e. targets that isn’t declared in BUILD files): This in turn is a rather big feature (not in code, but in functionality offered) and as such, needs some care and consideration, hence this design doc: Input appreciated on that. πŸ™ After this feature has landed, I can take another stab at implementing the dependency first intended by #16934 using synthetic targets instead.
Just bumping this thread to keep it current.. πŸ™‚
where ever it makes most sense, I think. Perhaps depends on the nature of the comment? Fine either way by me.
just posted the link to the issue here for completeness, I think πŸ˜›