Hey y'all. Maybe I should've hogged some time on t...
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Hey y'all. Maybe I should've hogged some time on the agenda Monday for it, but didn't have the forthought. I think we need to discuss and decide on our "schema" for goal-oriented target field names. https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/discussions/17270
I’m thinking that we’d maybe like to avoid adding goal-oriented target fields… but that’s maybe an utopia?
Putting on my @enough-analyst-54434 hat. Target fields exist solely to inform goals on behavior. So it's natural to have information that only is applicable to a single goal.
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Good point. But then I’m questioning why to name a field any different depending on which/how many goals there is consuming a fields value.
That's in and of itself, an option we can and should consider 🙂 Put it on the GH discussion 😛
I’ll come back to it after work hours… 😉
(my GH profile is either or…)
Ah yeah. Been there. If you see
tell him I never really liked him (We can thank McD's antiquated tech policies)
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I have two separate chrome profiles, with GitHub logged into work and personal in each of them. So, as long as I'm in the right window when I review things, I'm good.
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I just kept raising a stink until voila! one account 😛
(Although that was after we got acquired by IBM, who doens't care so much)
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