In pulling up links to the previous discussions of...
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In pulling up links to the previous discussions of
label and deprecation policy, it strikes me that those threads are going to start disappearing before Nov's team meeting on the 21st, since the first of those major conversations was on Aug 17th. Do we need to archive the threads in some way, for future context? Or are we far enough along that those no longer matter? /cc @flat-zoo-31952
We should probably archive them somehow if possible, there were other discussions in them whose conclusions I don’t remember
note that Slack links still work even after 3 months, I believe. So we only need to record the link
That is not my experience. My devrel cms links to every comment, and once something expires in Slack that link redirects to the channel generally rather than to the expired comment.
I suspect that if a comment has been marked as a Saved Item, Slack may keep those around longer. But am not certain, and am not eager to Save 150 comments since I use Save for managing my daily workflow.