Hey <@U02KAN6061E> you’ve been fiddling with the `...
# development
Hey @bitter-ability-32190 you’ve been fiddling with the
goal, right? So this I guess ought to be an easy fix?
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╰─❯ ./pants run build/scripts/makemigrations.sh
10:27:26.36 [INFO] Remote cache/execution options updated: reinitializing scheduler...
10:27:27.38 [INFO] Scheduler initialized.
10:27:28.06 [ERROR] 1 Exception encountered:

  NoApplicableTargetsException: No applicable files or targets matched. The `run` goal works with these target types:

  * experimental_run_shell_command
  * pex_binary
  * python_source
  * python_test

However, you only specified file arguments with these target types:

  * shell_source

Please specify relevant file and/or target arguments. Run `./pants --filter-target-type=experimental_run_shell_command,pex_binary,python_source,python_test list ::` to find all applicable targets in your project, or run `./pants --filter-target-type=experimental_run_shell_command,pex_binary,python_source,python_test filedeps ::` to find all applicable files.
Just putting it up for suggestion, I could take a look at it eventually.. 😉
(there is an
in there too that depends on this script..)
We didn't implement it because it seemed like there was no reason to. But I guess it's nice for uniform interface to always be able to
./pants run path/to/file.ext
Also @hundreds-father-404 I'm thinking it might be useful to interact with codegen'd
. Although, the in-repo CWD vs the sandbox CWD is a tough one (unlike Python, where namespace packages allow you to cheat)
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Ah yeah, in this case I was kind of hoping to run the
using it’s main dependency.. but that may not be universally possible to support in an unambiguous way I realize..
just invoking the shell script stand alone would be no-bueno as there are other dependencies needed in the chroot (such as a packaged pex binary)