It occurs to me that now we're using discussions, ...
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It occurs to me that now we're using discussions, the line between "is this a blog post" or "is this a discussion" is blurier. Anyone wanna help me crisp it? I have 2 ideas I'd love to blog about, but nothing stopping me from just making a discussion. Discussion seems less "hey look at me" though 🤔
blogs are more discoverable imo and better publicizable. Like easier to tweet about for example
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I'm more viewing discussions as user support + in-progress feature development, e.g. discussing how to do implement something
I guess "discuss" is the key word. A blog is less about community members weighing in on how to do something. It's more explaining something cool happening in Pantsbuild, with ancillary discussion in e.g. Reddit
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Yep, we have commenting disabled on the blog so if one needs feedback a blog post would be a poor choice. Whereas blog post is good for promoting something that is considered reasonably complete (small is fine). The biggest use case we're envisioning right now for Discussions is (a) user support and (b) increasing transparency/retainability on development decisions.
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Can be both! A thing can graduate from discussion to blog post, with a link back to the discussion? Showcases a dynamic community
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