> so, first thing I noticed is that pants pacak...
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so, first thing I noticed is that pants pacakges for arm in PyPI are missing after 1.7.0.
From a colleague. I'm guessing from what I see we don't do manylinux arm?
we never have. we used to release an sdist, which is why it claims support in 1.7
huge huge interest in this though https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/12183
coworker got a new machine recently?
Yeah, MacOSX, but trying Pants-in-a-docker-container
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(And the docker bit is important as our code/app is all ubuntu-focused)
got it. yeah, in the meantime maybe have them use docker x86? (Will be slower)
Also maybe try out 2.15's new Docker environment support 🙂
I upgraded our repo to 2.15 in a branch but then my machine got wiped. Didn't wanna do it over again. Too soon 😛
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The only thing blocking publishing wheels for linux ARM is that GHA has no free hosted runners for that platform
If someone’s company wants to sponsor this…
Or, there is emulation on x86, apparently (the scie CI uses this)
I might take a crack at the latter
I use CIrcleCI to get free Linux ARM for scie-jump. Works great: https://github.com/a-scie/jump/blob/main/.circleci/config.yml
(no emulation)
@bitter-ability-32190 at Oxbotica, I've built the Pants wheel locally on an ARM machine and hosted in a private PyPI index so that folks could bootstrap, perhaps this would be a reasonable compromise? 😕
FWIW we as a company don't really need it. Just one colleague going his own way 😛
Interesting re CircleCI! But I really don’t want to bifurcate the Pants CI, it’s already non-trivial
It really caused me no issues. The release uses it too.
So, fire up a VM in CircleCI which registers as a Github Action Runner, runs the build, and the exits…


Oracle Cloud's free tier will give you a pretty beefy Ampere instance, could register that forever