01/03/2023, 10:02 PM
This just floated up on my screen, while working on feedback for the try/catch support for `@rule`s.
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native_engine.IntrinsicError: Invalid Get. Because an input type for `Get(TargetFilesGeneratorSettings, TargetFilesGeneratorSettingsRequest, <pants.backend.python.target_types.PythonFilesGeneratorSettingsRequest object at 0x1073c2f40>)` was annotated with `@union`, the value for that type should be a member of that union. Did you intend to register a `UnionRule`? If not, you may be using the incorrect explicitly declared type.
trying to figure out if it’s a red herring or a legit error that we should fix..
ah, it’s from another test in the same module..