The Pants Occasional (2023) :tm: Basically my cont...
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The Pants Occasional (2023) ™️ Basically my contributions for the next few weeks/months, now that I'm back... • Continuing The Great PR-Extraction ( with an upcoming
PR • Subsequently 3 small PRs for linking, packaging libraries, and packaging binaries - to cap off 1st party
integration •
plugin PR - needs lift config updates from the past month or two • Reviewing the remaining "production"
work • (Stretch) Misc dev tooling and random backends, if I can get time to open source them (I'm using swift, js/ts, and dotnet via pants - and have no one to share that with 🥹)
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js/ts is high on my wish list 🙂
I think it's high on everyone's 🙂 Surprisingly, Rust has moved high on my wishlist, as I'm now using it in a production product
would be happy to help test any js/ts work
I have an approach where I’ve written a Vite plugin - I’m on the fence as to whether that’s the top shelf way to go about it, but the hope is to avoid re-building the whole JS ecosystem Discussion here: Suggestions/comments welcome… Even more welcome is someone else doing the whole backend so I can just be a greedy consumer 😃 🤷‍♂️
Dep inference would be a great start though! That’s arguably an aside to the actual bundling problem
I agree that starting with dep inference would be great. We would probably start using that immediately, as part of our current (non-pants) workflows.
Continuing The Great PR-Extraction
That’s how I feel about introducing pants to the StackStorm. So far I’ve split my PoC branch into about 70 PRs. And I figure I have at least 10 more to go.
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Oof, I'm at like 4-6 and feeling the pain 🙂
I’m just thinking a bit more about dep inference, and man, it’s wrinkling my brain. I use Svelte, with scripts and html on the same page - and it expects the
extension in imports