For the upcoming Pants contributor meeting, please...
# development
For the upcoming Pants contributor meeting, please reply in thread with any changes of note you'd like shouted out or slightly elaborated on since last meeting! 🧵
• A short tour of the
backend changes would be nice 🙂 • FYI
plugin • Immutable inputs are now hypercritically chosen (needs ripping out old plumbing) ◦ Hopefully will be persistant across daemon runs in the future • URL handling in plugins
Aside: I'm out sick this week, so can't promise that I can arrange for speakers before Monday on anything that wasn't already put on the agenda last week. But if someone wants to sign up to speak on any topic brought up in the thread, please do add it and yourself to the agenda doc.
The first of these is on the schedule for January meeting. I'll aim to get the others on the Feb agenda. Who can speak on each of those three items?