<@U02TSJJT9DJ>: it took way too long, but i finall...
# development
@wide-midnight-78598: it took way too long, but i finally got around to refreshing the Plugin API Stability project, including doing a bit of triage to prioritize things.
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there were definitely some items mentioned in your presentation that don’t have corresponding issues: i’ll add notes for them now.
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…but please add any that i missed!
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will the Plugin API be potentially considered stable when all issues in this project are closed?
mm, as discussed in the last meeting, it’s possible that stabilization is more incremental than that: that we come up with an annotation or convention to mark things stable, and then are able to start stabilizing some APIs sooner
and debate whether to stabilize individual APIs based on the list of open issues
i’ll add a draft item for that.
right. yea that make a lot of sense. no need to treat the whole plugin API as a single entity.
🤷 It can be hard as a plugin consumer if pieces of the API are considered stable, while pieces are experimental - as it practically means your usage is experimental. But, at the same time, I'd take any stability marker over no stability marker - so any forward progress is a win in my eyes 🙂
we should be able to present the current stability grade per API type (even if grouped in larger sets or not) in an accessible way through documentation, like in the Explorer as one source for this (upcoming…):