:mega: Who's going to Pycon US in April? It's the...
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📣 Who's going to Pycon US in April? It's the flagship Python conference, held this year in Salt Lake City, and is always a terrific community gathering with a full week+ of events including tutorials, summits, talks, open spaces, kids activities, PyLadies luncheon, expo, job fair, and sprints. There's a great conference hotel discount for Pycon ticketholders, and the conferemce has been very thoughtful about taking measures to minimize COVID spread. If you're on a tight budget and can't attend everything, I recommend choosing the three day of talks/expo, since they are the most heavily attended part of Pycon. It's a whirlwind of fun, knowledge exchange, and networking with other Python open source enthusiasts. And of course Pants Team members will be representing. (P.S. I'd be delighted to arrange to have a Pants t-shirt and stickers waiting at Pycon for any community member who is attending. Just give me a DM soon so I can tee up the order. Cheers!)
If you haven't been to PyCon, I highly recommend it! I went last year and had an amazing time. Super-friendly people, fascinating talks, and a huge opportunity to tell people about Pants!
Many companies will reimburse employees for conference attendance costs, why not see if yours will?
I'm excited to attend again this year, and represent Pants with enthusiasm!
i’ll be there for 4 days most likely!