I think this is outdated or typo <https://github.c...
# development
I think this is outdated or typo https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/blob/main/pants.toml#L88
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all-changed = "--changed-since=HEAD --changed-dependents=transitive"
Why? Seems OK to me?
I tried running it locally and I get error
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./pants all-changed lint
17:35:54.88 [INFO] Initializing scheduler...
17:35:55.28 [INFO] Scheduler initialized.
Unknown flag --dependents on changed scope
Did you mean --dependees?
Use `./pants help changed` to get help.
17:35:55.46 [ERROR] Unknown flags --dependents on scope change
Sorry nevermind, I was running it inside my private repo not pants itself. Is it not supposed to work outside of pants repo?
I don’t see
as an option, only
That was renamed in 2.16.x, so it won't work prior to that version
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See #17395
It turned out that "dependees" means the opposite of what we were using it for...