Asking to learn -- I started to work on this <iss...
# development
Asking to learn -- I started to work on this issue and successfully moved
out to its own crate. However, there are calls in the
file that reference the
file from
crate. Despite having scoped the
file and
correctly (as indicated by other dependencies that check out), this will fail
/.cargo test -p docker
with a
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use process_execution::local_tests::named_caches_and_immutable_inputs
                       ^^^^^^^^^^^ could not find `local_tests` in `process_execution`

Process::new(owned_string_vec(&["/bin/echo", "-n", "foo"]))
         ^^^ function or associated item not found in `Process`
error. For reference, relevant code snippets:
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// in docker/Cargo.toml
process_execution = { path = "../process_execution" }

// in process_execution/
pub mod local;

pub mod local_tests

// also an import problem:

pub struct Process { /*..*/ };

impl Process {

pub fn new()....
Is there something special about test configurations that prevent cross-crate references?
yes: it’s impossible to depend on the tests of another crate, AFAIK.
BUT: i happen to have encountered that case in my thrashing about in the docker tests recently, and i’m pretty sure that you can just delete the test in
that uses
… AFAICT, it was copy-pasta’d from the local runner’s tests
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good to know! thanks for the direction fistbump
thank you!