why are the notes md files classified as “release”...
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why are the notes md files classified as “release” rather than just “docs”? feels like we build a lot for no real use here…
They predate the docs, and I think could be folded into them now
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good to know. I was about to simply classify
as docs when I noticed the notes where explicitly not docs..
how about the VERSION file? need to be release or OK as docs too?
ah guess that one needs to be more than just docs, or we may not build properly when bumping version..
Oh, sorry, I see what you're saying now
the release notes are classified as "release" because the most recent one gets embedded in the .whl file
and displayed on PyPI
I'd suggest not changing that at the moment
from what I can tell, the release classification affects if wheels should be built or not, and if we touch VERSION, that will trigger the release classification. If we only touch notes, I don’t think we want to build wheels (at least not to publish to pypi as we would be re-using an old version)
ah, unless of course the version bump was not yet published and notes changes were for the previous bump. gotcha.
We could probably finesse this
it’s not too bad actually, now that I see how it works
but I find the need to build a full release CI cycle in the prep PR a bit overworked..
Maybe release-only changes should skip tests but not wheel building?
But then we really want to run tests on the exact release commit
on main/release branch we want the full deal.. just the prep going into it that feels superfluous
The process could use some streamlining and automation. You looking at it with fresh eyes is a great time to identify where opportunities are for simplifying.
for automating and streamlining, I would think a sound goal would be to reduce the amount of bespoke scripts involved in the release process