Statistical analyses of different programming tool...
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Statistical analyses of different programming tools or languages are often done by adoption of the language in repositories on github, but this doesn't measure what I would consider "impactfulness". I would say reducing the time and space required to define and maintain an arbitrarily complex build process is a constant positive effect for the user, but often definitions of "impact" include the sheer number of users or other open source/not open source codebases using it, which doesn't really reflect the quality/utility of a build system, in my opinion. If you could get a statistic of time/effort saved by the use of Pants for each user, that might be it, but I don't think that's something that can really be measured in any meaningful way, especially since the models and abstractions Pants provides enforce cleaner build descriptions compared to many other tools. "Cleaner" in this case means "avoids extra/unnecessary developer work each time the build is changed". There may be a statistic that expresses something in between that, but none come to mind. There may be better people to ask -- I just joined the team.