Does pants have a way to surface a startup perform...
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Does pants have a way to surface a startup performance metric?
i believe running
./pants -x
will show a time for the
phases which i think is what is most relevant
./pants server
will have those stored as well
refers to parsing BUILD files
I've personally spent some time trying to improve the immediate command-line latency you notice when you just run any pants command
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One of our biggest priorities is to enable the pants daemon (Pantsd) by default. It greatly improves no-op performance. Cc @witty-crayon-22786 who is leading this initiative
I view the "cold builds are important so we won't do anything to make warm builds faster" argument of ninja to be a bit lazy. That's not a good reason not to have a daemon.
It also completely precludes caching: you can't use file timestamps for anything beyond "on my machine is this up to date"... You need digests for anything more interesting
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the author repeated multiple times they didn’t really have time for the project which is kinda sad
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i agree on the cold/warm bit. imho the fastest possible cold build and the fastest possible warm build feel very similar in spirit
@jolly-midnight-72759: but, yes: we have lots of good data sources for runtime data. A realistic target for the next few weeks is 400ms noops.
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and if you use a shared memory region you can even take advantage of keeping things resident in memory without needing a persistent process. just a thought i’ve been having recently