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04/17/2017, 3:14 PM
Hi folks, I’m trying to bring in both a 3rd party scalac plugin & an internal scalac plugin. Using 1.3.0.dev13. My repo currently just has the internal scalac plugin working fine (the scala_libraries that need it have the scalac_plugin in dependencies & then by plugin name in scalac_plugins). I’ve added the 3rd party jar into ://scalac-plugin-dep and in pants.ini compile.zinc scalac_plugins. With an empty cache/clean-all, I get: compile(dependentLibrary:dependentLibrary) failed: Could not find requested plugins: [u’internalPlugin’] Calling compile again magically solves that (and subsequent compiles work fine w/ no changes to my internal scalac plugin). Any idea what might cause this? Will work on getting a simple repro, but wanted to ask the question here first. Thanks.