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11/11/2018, 9:51 PM
i'm hacking on some ubertooth one chips to broadcast max quality aptx hd audio and it looks like the existing C/C++ support with the
integration will allow me to put all the disparate libraries together with zero effort out of the box. that or i may turn up some bugs, either way it's hype


11/11/2018, 9:52 PM


11/12/2018, 4:12 AM
i almost got far enough to need to actually buy the raspberry pis to plug these cards into. i might be able to get the bidirectional audio working tonight just using my two laptops. i had to add a few hacks to use the library but that’s because i didn’t need to do it correctly yet
homebrew is literally compiling all of llvm so i might have to wait on this which is a massive bummer
may have found a way to evade it
building python from source will take less time i guess
if i wanted to build llvm from source i would have done it myself. perhaps homebrew could be made aware of llvm's packaged binaries for osx -- the ones pants will download from the llvm site by default (i haven't looked into why homebrew is building from source yet, i believe there may not be a good reason)