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11/12/2018, 3:23 PM
so I just tried to publish an artifact using
./pants publish pants-plugins/scala:: --no-publish-jar-prompt
and I have the following message :
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14:53:02 01:11   [publish]
14:53:02 01:11     [jar]
                   Skipping check for a clean None branch in test mode.Skipping publish of foo#bar;0.0.1 in test mode.
I do not found any mention of the "test mode" in the documentation and the only skip=true that I have is scaladoc:
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./pants options --options-name=skip                
binary.dup.skip = False (from HARDCODED)
bundle.dup.skip = False (from HARDCODED)
detect-duplicates.skip = False (from HARDCODED)
doc.javadoc.skip = False (from HARDCODED)
doc.scaladoc.skip = True (from CONFIG in pants.ini)
fmt.skip = False (from HARDCODED)
lint.skip = False (from HARDCODED)
test.junit.skip = False (from HARDCODED)
test.pytest.skip = False (from HARDCODED)
Did I miss something ?