can the `pants_version` global option be configure...
# general
can the
global option be configured to fetch the latest version of pants/master ?
in what sense?
it can be, but there's no magic to do that right now
I'd like to be able to specify that pants should upgrade itself to the latest version of the codebase on the master git branch (or maybe some arbitrary commit or branch, but right now I care about master)
no, it cannot. but master builds do publish wheels to s3
twitter consumes them via -p
(ie, building a pex)
and hypothetically you could consume any sha's wheels to run off of nightly.
so if I wanted to make my project's pants instance always use the master build, how would I specify it?
(I don't actually want to do this in general, I just want to test against the commit I merged to master a few hours ago. but this seems like a useful thing to be able to do on occasion)
Via custom code based on the above
Most likely modifying the venv built by the
script to hit s3