Hey, I’m trying to upgrade to pants 1.16 for a pro...
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Hey, I’m trying to upgrade to pants 1.16 for a project I’m working on (I’m working on a python2->3 migration so it’s the highest version I can use right now). When I try to run
pants compile ::
it fails with `Problem launching via NailgunClient`and
TruncatedHeaderError(u"Failed to read nailgun chunk header...
Do you have any thoughts on how I can go about debugging this? I think I want to see what the nailgun server is up to, but I’m not sure how to get my hands on its output.
Do you have custom pants backend code in your repo? Because if not then you should be able to use the most current version of pants - it requires python3 to run itself, but it can operate on python2 code.
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I ask because 1.16 is quite old and it's possible the problem you're encountering no longer happens on recent versions.
We are on 1.7, so moving to 1.16 is a win 🙂 . Our laptops dont have a consistent py3 install, hence moving to the latest pants that still runs on py2. Yep we have custom
for play, s3cache, and a few other things. The annoying part is that it passes locally but not in travis, so would be great if there was extra debugging info it could spit out beyond this: https://gist.github.com/MasterDDT/f92a1f7999c421245abda0a4b8682ef3
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the output from the nailgun server will be written under
, iirc... so would want to look for sever failures there