I have another question unrelated to my previous a...
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I have another question unrelated to my previous above. I have an egg file for a 3rd party dependency that is specified as a
. Within our pants.toml file, we have the following:
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repos = [
In pants 1.8, that egg file was being picked up from the repos directory, but in 1.28 it is not able to be found. Do I need to specify it some other way?
my first thought is that pants 1.28 uses pex version 2, which uses pip to resolve, and i was just poking around in the pip source code and i don’t remember if it handles eggs, either by default or at all. @enough-analyst-54434 or @hundreds-father-404 will likely have greater context on this question
Aaaah ok. In the meantime, I'll search around and see if I can figure out how pip handles egg files. Would an alternative be to pack the 3rd party dependency as a
You could try using Pants 1.25.x to see if that is indeed the issue, because that still uses Pex 1.6. But I would be surprised if Pip doesn’t understand egg files.
(Sorry I can’t be more helpful right now - have been OOO past few days for political organizing. Will be back tomorrow)
And yes to
being understood for sure
Some quick googling is showing that pip does not handle eggs, so I think I'll go the
route. Seems like egg files are on the way out anyways.
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