Yes, I went through it. Isn't it for 3rdparty deps...
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Yes, I went through it. Isn't it for 3rdparty deps only? I wanted to get python_library rules included as well and tried the setup-py way and that hangs in 1.30 version. Just now found the issue #10291. Its status is closed, but I assume it is part of 2.0.0 and not part of 1.30.0 yet
What do you mean with getting
rules included? Do you mean having VSCode understand your BUILD files? Oh, hm. cc @witty-crayon-22786, it does look like 1.30 is using
. Do we need to use cherry-pick
hm. possibly. need to check the lockfile, but i don’t think it is on a known-bad version. one sec.
@hundreds-father-404: 1.30.x is on the correct tokio version
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(apparently because it was never upgraded to the wrong one, but)
@hundreds-father-404 What i meant by including python_library rule is getting it installed in a virtual environment and being able to share that virtualenv python interpreter with IDE
Hm, I still don’t think I understand. VSCode should understand your first party code already - the only things it won’t understand are your third party imports and your BUILD files. The
target definition is only describing some metadata about your code, like which Python versions it’s compatible with.