Has anybody been able to get this <coursier-s3> pl...
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Has anybody been able to get this coursier-s3 plugin to work on any 1.x release? The docs arent very helpful and nobody had an answer in the official coursier gitter. Im upgrading from 1.16 -> 1.27 and was previously doing resolve via s3-ivy-resolver
hey @best-nightfall-7221: i haven’t heard of anyone doing that, but it should be possible if you build a custom jar of coursier with the plugin embedded
maybe @wide-energy-11069 has some thoughts.
Pants fetches a (old) coursier fat binary (https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/blob/1.25.x-twtr/src/python/pants/backend/jvm/tasks/coursier/coursier_subsystem.py#L21), and run CLI against it. Assuming there’s no CLI or output file on coursier side, to accommodate this, the plugin likely needs to be built-in the jar that pants calls. So definitely some work needed.
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if you decide to proceed, one incremental step to check is call the jar directly like
java -jar <coursier jar built with the plugin> fetch junit:junit:4.12 -r s3://…
to make sure it can understand what
yep. sounds like i can: 1. fork coursier from here (is that right tag?) 2. take ^ httphandler and add in the code from s3chandler. maybe remove the s3c crap, i want it to do s3 3. build the coursier jar from my forked repo 4. pass it to
5. add s3:// urls to
(and auth somehow)
the rest would be how i would approach it as well.