Has anyone looked into <https://github.com/Microso...
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Has anyone looked into https://github.com/Microsoft/pyright ? Is it worth having support for in pants?
I've never heard of it! It's a mypy competitor?
seems like, just found out about it myself 🙂
Ah, then I'd probably wait to add Pants support for it until there's some user demand...
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if it gains any steam then for sure
but again, this is an OSS project, if someone comes along and wants to add pyright support, we won't say no
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we might ask that it be in a separate plugin
as far as i know pyright is mainly used for integration with VS Code
even though they say the below, i mostly heard of it being used in VS Code, in the same way, PyCharm type checker is used in PyCharm. Q: What is the long-term plan for Pyright? A: Pyright is now an officially-supported Microsoft type checker for Python. It will continue to be developed and maintained as an open-source project under its original MIT license terms. The Pyright extension for VSCode is a reference implementation and is not guaranteed to be fully functional or maintained long-term.