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06/11/2021, 10:35 AM
Hi all, I work on the remote-apis-testing project and we've been getting test failures with Pants recently, after updating to a newer version. It seems to have happened between 2.4.1rc1 and 2.5.0rc2. @fast-nail-55400 has raised an issue: I was wondering if anyone had any insight? The problem seems to happen when the pants client sends a remote execution request to execute a
command. For each server that we test against, we get an error that says
not found
no such file or directory


06/11/2021, 12:45 PM
Thanks for that commit range. By inspection of that range it looks like must be it. That commit does work with Pants local execution sandboxing; so it looks like our local execution sandboxing must be non-conforming to the REAPI: I'll update the issue and take a swing at this later this morning.
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