Does anyone have a shortcut for running `./pants t...
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Does anyone have a shortcut for running
./pants test
but just the tests in & under the current working directory?
Hi Rhys. Yes, try
./pants test path/to/test::
Uhm, you want to run pants from your project root, so current working directory, not so much.
Thanks, just got the wildcard working, but with deeply nested folder it's a bit of a pain. I guess I could write an
npm run
script to handle it (since we have that at root), but curious what others do.
I've never tried to run Pants from any directory other than the repo root, does that work for you?
I guess i'm in the habit of running
from the cwd, trying to get in the habit of running pants directly.
I use it along with
, that way, you don’t have to type it that much…
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./pants --loop test src/potentially/long/path/to/test::
So, you leave that there, and whenever you make a change, the tests re-run.
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