Hey! I have a dual pants v1 / pants v2 setup. I th...
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Hey! I have a dual pants v1 / pants v2 setup. I thought it was all good but as the v2 is growing I just spotted that pants v1 is picking up BUILD.v2. Can I configure v1 not not pick up on that? or should I change the pattern I use for v2 to be BUILDv2?
you can, yea: the
option applies to BUILD file location: you can set it on v1 to ignore the BUILD file pattern you want ignored
alternatively, you can have v1 completely ignore those files by putting them in
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--pants-ignore="['<str>', '<str>', ...]" (default: "['.*/', '/dist/', '/build-support/virtualenvs/', '/build-support/*.venv/', '/build-support/bin/native/src', '/src/rust/engine/target', '!*.class', '!/pants.pex']")

Paths to ignore for all filesystem operations performed by pants (e.g. BUILD file scanning, glob matching, etc). Patterns use the gitignore syntax (<https://git-scm.com/docs/gitignore>). The `--pants-distdir` and `--pants-workdir` locations are inherently ignored.--pants-ignore can be used in tandem with --pants-ignore-use-gitignore, and any rules specified here apply after rules specified in a .gitignore file.
Thank you
sure thing!
But yeah, with hindsight BUILDv2 would have been better than BUILD.v2 I guess
ah well