Wanting to use pre-built wheels for a dependency t...
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Wanting to use pre-built wheels for a dependency that hasn't created one. I thought there was a way to place that in build-support and check it in, but the only docs I'm seeing are to put it in your own pypi repository. Is there a way to build with a local wheel?
Roughly you need a
[python-repos] repos = ["%(buildroot)s/wheel_house/"]
in pants.toml.
Be warned: that should work, but when it comes time to enable remote caching or remote execution, that will cause you problems. You introduce a machine-specific Path there.
Makes sense. Always figured having a binary in the repo wouldn't be an end state, but that's good context to add in the readme. Thank you!
@worried-salesclerk-37834 ReadMe.com has a Suggest Changes button on the upper right of docs pages. Would you mind suggesting better language there from your perspective as a user? It would be really helpful.
I think you two were talking about different readmes.
The pantsbuild.org doc site has zero mention of this IIRC.
Yeah, if this ends up on the docs site, it will probably need its own page. Follow-up question, though. I was able to deploy one cloud function successfully, but when I started a second one, I get "Needed manylinux_2_27_x86_64-cp-39-cp39 compatible dependencies for:" and it lists a few things, like protobuf. This is during deployment, not during build. I have built the wheels such as: protobuf-3.18.0-cp39-cp39-manylinux_2_17_x86_64.manylinux2014_x86_64.whl Does this mean that one cloud function is running on a newer version of Linux or something and it's not compatible with the wheel I gave it? I don't fully understand the platform patterns.
Ugh, didn't do a good job of giving you enough context, but I figured it out. Had specified a runtime of python37 in the pants target, but was deploying with a python39 runtime.