Is there a way to programmatically find what needs...
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Is there a way to programmatically find what needs to belong in
? Conceivably some tool could download the metadata for packages in
and then see what violates the default mapping rules. ...I suppose that tool could also provide a best-guess on
as well 🤔
I used this when developing the initial support for the default module mapping: Not polished or anything, and only works on installed dists.
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This is what I came to see ❤️
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I just noticed this seems to replace dashes in the package name with underscores. E.g.
in my
is listed as
as the toplevel entry in the YAML
There ought to be a command to find unresolved imports, right? E,g. the inference couldn't find a good match?
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Yeah, I wonder if there could be a "strict" mode. pants will error if it isn't able to resolve a dep.
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I suppose one of the linters conceivably has this already. I'll have to check tomorrow
Nevermind, they will execute in the env and not care about package names