Is there a flag to toggle dynamic UI, but less lin...
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Is there a flag to toggle dynamic UI, but less lines than one-per-core? I'm on a 64-core powerhouse of a computer, but then my console in VS Code either shows a bunch of empty lines or must be tall. or at the very least, don't show the empty lines if no work is being done?
This is how tall I have to make my console just to see the one relevant line 😭
hah. yea, we should definitely adjust this: sorry about that. we should all have 64 core machines, but we … don’t yet.
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ideally this would automatically contract to the relevant count, although we’ll have to see how that works out in terms of temporarily expanding the screen by 64 lines, and then contracting it back to 1
At the very least, would a mode where relevant lines at listed bottom-to-top work?
So that line waaaaaaay at the top would be at the bottom, so I'd see it no matter how tall my terminal?
mm… yea, good idea.
Isn’t there a flag to limit how many cores to use too..? That would limit the amount of lines as well.. (as a workaround..)
have opened for this: will start it tomorrow.
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