Hi. We have been looking into using Pants for a m...
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Hi. We have been looking into using Pants for a multi-project python repo at the firm I work for. The hosts that would run Pants do not have access to the internet, but we were able to get Pants fully installed and bootstrapped after redirecting it to our internal Artifactory and ran tailor on our proof of concept repo to generate BUILD files. However, when trying to lint (or run any goals really), we are running into issues with Pants trying to download things directly (instead of using redirected pip/PyPI). See screnshot where it tries to (update?) pex when running ./pants lint with mypy and black backends configured.
Hello! Welcome. Check out https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/proxies
If you are using a proxy, then what Eric said is the way to go. If you are pointing at artifactory directly though as an alternate PyPI, you need to configure
Have you done that?: https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/reference-python-repos
Hi sorry, this was meant to be all part of the same 2nd question below. We succeeded in getting Pants to work w/ internetal Artifactory, but then it wanted to download specific artifacts directly from Github (pex, etc.) even though they were already installed in the virtual environment.
Gotcha. I'll let our discussion continue in that thread then.