Hi, I'm on pants 1.27.0 building scala with local ...
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Hi, I'm on pants 1.27.0 building scala with local cache (read/write) + s3 cache (read only from laptop, its written from CI). I notice things get slow with rsc compiler at this callstack.
seems like its looking in
to clear out old things? I switch branches a lot so its quite big (
also, I think we had problems):
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$> du -sh .pants.d/compile
5.3G	.pants.d/compile
$> du -sh .pants.d/local_artifact_cache
2.7G	.pants.d/local_artifact_cache
Is there anyway to disable that pruning? I already set
to a big number (well actually, I modified the code so it doesnt even do the pruning, then I clean it in a cron daily), but this seems like a different prune controlled by zinc? Any ideas how I can skip this one too?
Hmm yes this looks like it's in Zinc, and I don't see a way to turn it off (although maybe there is one buried deep in the Zinc code).
We'll have Scala support in Pants 2 soon, and that won't use Zinc, FWIW