I have problems building a pex_binary target with ...
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I have problems building a pex_binary target with
as a dependency, the host system is a macos machine and it seems this is also not working:
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pex avro -o /tmp/pex --platform manylinux2014_x86_64-cp-38-cp38
the main goal is to build a docker image using the pex file. I have no problems with numpy surprisingly. An alternative solution I guess could be building the dependency within the container
What error message are you seeing?
It looks like avro is only released as an sdist, so you can't cross-build a pex that includes it
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thanks a lot, this explains a lot
so you'd have to either build and host the wheels yourself, or build in a container
We do have ideas around Pants itself being able to execute local processes in a container (so kinda like remote execution, but local)
If you have opinions about the utility of that, you can suggest it here: https://pantsbuild.slack.com/archives/C18RRR4JK/p1641338890053700
cool thanks, let me have a look