is it possible to specify a commit hash for a lint...
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is it possible to specify a commit hash for a linter version? i tried this in
but it didn’t work
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config = ".pylintrc"
version = "<git+git://>"
lockfile = "pylint.lock"
as in, it fails when i try generate the lockfile
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./pants generate-lockfiles --resolve=pylint
Yeah unfortunately VCS requirements do not work with tool lockfiles as a limitation of Poetry: That ticket and ponder how we should handle VCS requirements when we switch to Pex for lockfile very welcomed, as it's not clear how to lock down a VCS requirement, such as if you use a branch rather than commit SHA.
So for now, you'd either need to a) give up on using a lockfile. You can mostly recreate it by putting all the transitive dependencies in
. b) Build your VCS requirement as a wheel and host it somewhere, then pull that
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Thanks Eric, I thought it was some syntax error on my part, but it sounds like it’s just currently not possible to use a lockfile in those cases.
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